George Pavarini Taibi

Managing Advisor

George Pavarini Taibi is a Construction Damages Expert and has 40 years of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential, construction projects in the U.S. and internationally. He is an expert in the evaluation of construction cost claims, arbitration support, and dispute resolution. Mr. Pavarini’s claims and litigation support services include testimony in arbitration and assisting owners, developers, and contractors. His experience has included warehouse, data center, hospital, convention center, hotel, museum, mixed-use, housing, and condominium projects. He has previously held the positions of cost estimator, concrete laborer, carpenter, surveyor, architect, Project Manager, Project Executive, Regional Manager, Vice President, and President of construction and development firms. He is fluent in English and Spanish and has served as an arbitrator.

Mr. Pavarini is the fourth generation of builders in the Pavarini family that began when his great grandfather, Isadore Pavarini founded Pavarini and Greer Contractors and Builders in Washington, D.C. in the 19th century. In 1946, Pavarini Construction Co., Inc. was founded and operated until its sale in 1996. Pavarini Construction Co., Inc. was based in New York, and later Connecticut and built major projects throughout the Northeastern U.S., Florida, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and as far as Saudi Arabia.

In addition to design, construction and development services, Mr. Pavarini has provided expert witness services for private and commercial clients in Puerto Rico and the United States. He has experience in quality of work analysis, contract compliance, development of remediation plans, project cost estimates and cost overrun analysis.

George holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture and Building Sciences from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

T 787 507 5505