Epic Lift Systems, LLC v. Integrated Production Services, Inc.

In connection with a prior patent litigation, Thomas Britven was asked to serve in an expert witness capacity by counsel for Integrated Production Services, Inc. (IPS) in an inter partes review (IPR) proceeding. This petition involved a patent generally relates to a two-piece plunger lift system that optimizes production in natural gas wells. As part of the IPR, Mr. Britven submitted a declaration that estimated the value of the patent at issue based on its contribution to the total purchase price of a business acquisition. As part of his analysis, Mr. Britven estimated the total purchase price of the acquisition, deducted the value associated with tangible assets, and apportioned the remaining value associated with the intangible assets for the patent at-issue.

The team on this case included Thomas BritvenDouglas Ellis, and Brandon Lloyd. The case ultimately settled in favor of IPS.