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ASQ Consulting applies multi-disciplined consulting solutions to today’s most challenging business issues. Our mission is to bring our intellectual horsepower and over 200 collective years of experience to help solve the issues you face. With a proven track record, we believe the best answers come from Asking Strategic Questions. Our clients come to us when they:

1 Want to reduce their risk
2 Are frustrated with unpleasant surprises
3 Are not getting value for their consulting dollars





Dispute Consulting

Expertise Covering a Full Range of Economic Issues

Our clients rely on us to assist them through all stages of litigation, from initial research, discovery, expert reports, and depositions, to trial testimony, mediation, arbitration, settlement advice and IPR proceedings.

We Solve Problems

Our reasoned, practical, objective, and creative solutions have helped many clients reach closure in a variety of settings.

Industries Served

We are technology agnostic and have served leading companies across numerous industries.

Deep Experience

Deep experience with economic damages and remedies in hundreds of matters in federal, state, and bankruptcy courts, and the ITC. Example experience includes:
– Lost Profits
– Reasonable Royalties
– Ongoing (Future) Royalties
– Price Erosion
– Disgorgement/Unjust Enrichment
– Head Start
– Corrective Advertising
– Pre- and Post-judgment Interest
– Domestic Industry
– Bonding
– Valuation
– Allocation
– Evidence of Commercial Success / Consumer Demand

Transaction Services

Expertise Covering a Wide Range of Transactions

Our clients rely on our advice in complex negotiations and associated diligence involving contracts for the development, purchase, lease, license, and sale of real and intangible assets.

Our Unique Skill Sets Add Value

ASQ generates value for our clients by combining our deep experience in dispute consulting with our extensive industry knowledge to identify and mitigate potentially significant risks.

Extensive Industry Knowledge

Our transactional experience spans multiple industries in a variety of contexts.

Example Transactional Engagements

– Procurement
– Licensing
– Joint Ventures
– Venture Debt
– Mergers and Acquisitions
– Patent Development
– Assignments
– Development Agreements
– Issuance of Equity
– Training


Business Strategy

Broad Expertise

Our clients engage ASQ to identify hidden causes of waste and to implement simple, efficient solutions to a diverse mix of business operations; including, legal, finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics.

Our Distinct Approach is an Advantage

ASQ leverages its deep industry experience and expertise gained through other practice areas to guide improvements with both domestic and international organizations.

Wide Breadth of Industries Served

We have delivered our services across many complex industries, where revenues tend to originate from business to business or from business to government transactions; with added focus on infrastructure, energy, public private partnerships, manufacturing, and high-technology.

Example Value-creating Engagements

– Supply Chain Optimization
– Project Management
– Project Turnarounds
– Scenario & Real Option Analysis
– Financial Modeling / Valuation Peer Review
– Contract Negotiations
– Organizational Structure
– Cost Recovery / Contract Conformance
– Project Peer Review
– Training


Industries Served

Examples of Industries Served


– Aerospace
– Automotive
– Banking
– Biotechnology
– Chemicals
– Computers
– Construction
– Consumer Products
– Energy
– Food & Beverages
– Health Care
– Internet

– Manufacturing
– Medical Devices
– Office Machines
– Pharmaceuticals
– Retail
– Semiconductors
– Smartphones
– Software
– Sports Equipment
– Telecommunications
– Wireless Technologies
and Many Others


Awards & Latest News
ASQ Consulting Group acquired by HKA
Ryan LaMotta Named ITC Practice Leader of ASQ Consulting
IAM Patent 1000 Recognizes Thomas Britven Among Nation’s Leading IP Experts – 2021
Thomas Britven recognized as 2020 top patent professional by IAM Patent 1000
Thomas Britven Again Receives ‘Highly Recommended Expert Ranking’ for 2019 by IAM Patent 1000

Quote 12

“Tom, … [we} thought you did a tremendous job in our case together — including at trial — among the best we’ve seen in every way but particularly how persuasive, charismatic and quick you were on the stand. We’re very much looking forward to continuing to work with you and your team.“  – Partner, Law Firm


Quote 1

“I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed working with you on this case. Tom’s report was important and helped provide our client with a swift outcome to litigation that had been pending for quite a while.”
– Senior Counsel, Law Firm

Quote 2

“Confirming the excellent job you did yesterday, I have to thank you for your hard work and professionalism. It made a real difference. When our client and co-counsel read the deposition transcript, they’ll know we made the right choice in working with you and your team. The days of preparation were all worthwhile.”
– Partner, Law Firm

Quote 3

“Let me say that it is always a pleasure to work with you and your team. It looks like we are going to be working again closely with regard to the . . . case and all of us at . . . are very excited about that.”
– Local Counsel, Eastern District of Texas Law Firm

Quote 4

“I don’t know how much you were told about the recent opinions and hearing, but you were the one expert to come out smelling like a rose.”
– Partner, Law Firm

Quote 5

“Tom and his team provided timely, cost effective, excellent advice and testimony that greatly influenced the court in our favor.”
– Chief IP Counsel, Major Corporation

Quote 6

“You guys were great; we got a complete defense verdict. And those guys didn’t adjust their damages request one bit in closing.”
– Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Major Medical Software Vendor

Quote 7

“The Chancery Court has adopted your damages model absolutely, 100%, without reservation or modification, and over . . . [the opposing party’s] objections and efforts. . . . [The opposing expert] might as well have not shown up, for all the benefit he provided to . . . [his client]. You have my sincere thanks for everything, throughout a difficult and complex process. . . . [The Vice Chancellor] has, for all intents and purposes, made you the Court’s own damages calculation expert.”
– Partner, Law Firm

Quote 8

“I am disappointed that we won’t get to try our damages theory [due to the parties settling], but it served its purpose of driving a settlement that [our client] was happy with, so thank you.  Thanks for all your work on this case. I enjoyed working with you all.”
– Senior Associate, Law Firm

Quote 9

“Doug provided outstanding analysis and testimony on a limited budget.  We had an obstinate opposing counsel who provided limited relevant material, but Doug did well with what we had and developed a persuasive damages model.  Trial had some unexpected twists and turns and Doug helped us focus our case as well as his testimony, providing outstanding testimony with limited practice.  His calmness on cross-examination in the face of a bullying opposing counsel helped win over the jury and enabled us to achieve a successful verdict.” – Partner, Law Firm

Quote 10

“As this year comes to a close, I want to take a moment to say Thank You!  I know that I thanked you both last April, but I have been meaning to send an email for a long time.  Tom, I know you are a rock star and you deserve all of the kudos that you have received.  I also want to say that you found a gem in Ryan.  He is insightful, dedicated and dogged in his determination.  He was an invaluable asset to our team.  I still can’t believe he helped with legal research and briefs!” – Litigation Partner, Law Firm

Quote 11

“Collecting signatures on final settlement agreements! Your team’s assistance was quite helpful, especially given some of the peculiar damages issues in play.“  – Associate, Law Firm



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Ryan LaMotta

Managing Director and ITC Practice Leader
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Lauren Koester

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Matthew Byford

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Brandon Lloyd

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Sheri Rock

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Jordan Beattie

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Marvia Watt

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Senior Analyst
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Affiliate Expert
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Leslie Goff

Managing Advisor
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Susan Wood

Managing Advisor
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Sherree DeCovny

Managing Advisor
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Matthew Schoenhardt

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Jose Quinones

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Lisa Snell

Client Relationship Manager
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