• Lost Profits
  • Unjust Enrichment
  • Head Start
  • Investigation Costs

M-I L.L.C. v. Chad Lee Stelly, Stephen Squyres, Benton Thomas Knobloch, and Wellbore Energy Solutions L.L.C.

Thomas Britven was asked to serve in an expert witness capacity by counsel for M-I L.L.C. (“M-I”), a subsidiary of Schlumberger Limited. This suit involved the alleged misappropriation of many trade secrets and the violation of non-compete agreements, among other allegations, by former M-I employees who left to work for Wellbore Energy Solutions, L.L.C. (“WES”), which subsequently became a subsidiary of Halliburton.

During their employment at M-I, one or more of the defendants specialized in promoting tool rental and technical support of wellbore cleanout equipment to M-I’s customers throughout the Southeastern portion of the United States, including the Gulf of Mexico. One or more of the defendants also had access to confidential information such as tool drawings, designs, and specifications. M-I alleged that WES was able to quickly design and produce certain wellbore cleanout tools by relying on M-I’s trade secrets.

The team on this case included Mr. Britven, Douglas Ellis, and Lauren Koester. The team performed a rigorous analysis of the value of the subject agreements, confidential information, trade secrets, the amount of lost profits related to the misappropriated trade secrets, head start advantage, avoided costs, and certain investigative costs. The team also addressed the complex relationship between the numerous trade secrets, causes of action, tools at issue, and defendants in this matter.

The case settled on the eve of trial.