Matthew Schoenhardt

Managing Advisor

Matthew Schoenhardt
Matthew Schoenhardt is a Managing Advisor at ASQ Consulting and an Engineer, Project Management Professional and Risk Management Professional at MS Consulting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Matthew’s focus is the intersection of business, engineering, and project controls. Approaching capital infrastructure from a financial and business objectives perspective, Matthew brings fundamental critical thinking and formidable quantitative skills to the table. His ability to quickly identify, understand, and articulate the salient issues allows Matthew to help clients help solve real world problems, structure their projects, and enable success.

As a Risk Management Professional, Matthew brings together business, engineering, project management and controls together into a single coherent package to deliver risk planning, identification, evaluation, and risk response planning to clients. He is familiar with all aspects of risk management and can facilitate a variety of risk management strategies tailored to the client’s needs. Matthew has completed risk and contingency work for hundreds of projects totaling well over $65B.

Matthew has a broad background in the private sector including light manufacturing, heavy industry, food processing, and distribution. He has performed both in staff and direct management roles.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Queens University, Ontario and an MBA from McMaster University, Ontario.

T 587 988 2305